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Hangry Girl – Lazy Cook!

It is no mystery I enjoy machines. My Food Processor or Kitchen Whizz (as our boarders call it) is certainly the star of the show at the mo!

Whizzing through two sizes of carrot noodles and carrot wheels, to make a more interesting coleslaw, along with two thicknesses of cabbage. I do it in bigish lots – just don’t add the sauce of choice until serving time. Otherwise mushiness is fast! My fav topping for such a salad? Chopped roasted almonds (pepper is a must) and a whoop of grated cheese…Yumo!  (on occasion garnishing with choped dried prunes or dates)  I know, nerdy right?!

The same vege mix can be used in casseroles! Also a great way to clean up anything that is almost looking at you sideways, in the fridge!  ;)

My biggest discovery at the minute, is my Mexican casserole that is then transformed into nachos or quesada’s. LOVE IT and so doour boys. I ask them if they could identify and count how many veggies in the meal. Last time I made it…11 (if you count the guacamole). Yay! So filling, few dishes and I only have to cook every other night! Double bonus…

Tonight I am childfree. My lazy dinner, raw carrot, apple, boiled egg and for dessert, natural yogurt, honey and a brownie inspired by Elanas Pantry. I really enjoy her recipes as they are simple and mostly created using a machine  or two  :)

I am very bad at drinking water….I really like vodka!  :)

Jesse - Brave Boy. Did really well.

Dental Nurse Visit – Te Puke

I’m not sure what part of the world you live in or what the regulations are where you are. In New Zealand (if you have a low cavity rate) you and your children should have a dental visit once a year.  Children under 18 years are free and the governemnt will pay for your teeth to be fixed if they are damaged in an accident.  Work & Income (WINZ) will even give you an emergency dental grant (if you qualify on low income).  We are a pretty fortunate country!

When our boys went to visit the regional Dental Nurse just recently.  We learnt a few things:

  • Dental nurses pay used to be similar to that of teachers.  Teachers are now streets ahead.
  • A Dental Nurses yearly registration is $NZ650.
  • Dental Nurses are employed by the local DHB (District Health Board).  The DHB also administer hospitals.
  • Each Primary School used to have its own clinic.  These are disappearing and we often have to travel to the next town to find one.  In some remote areas there is a dental truck that will park at your school for a period of time.
  • Each child (over 5 years) will have x-rays when they visit this year.
  • Molars are now covered in a light resin as part of cavity prevention.
  • Dentist’s also have the highest rate of suicide   :(    :(

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Levi was the first to visit.  The dental team thought him so relaxed, they were concerned he was going to doze off. In contrast, Jesse was so unable to relax or control his tongue, that being bitten was a concern!!  Finally, Joel at 3 years, only had his teeth checked briefly and counted.  Always a huge relief to know that we are doing a good job in getting them clean and that my dental micro management is working!! – PHEW!

Floss – Brush – Rinse People! And if you must drink poisonous sugar fuelled fluids… use a straw so it misses the enamel completely.  This is all – hahahahah – for now   :)





Hello! My name is Kelly O’Hara (I am a genuine observant Froot Loop)

Sneezing, sore throat and don’t want to go to bed. So I digress;

What’s in a name? I am originally Kelly-Anne Trembath. No middle name, blessed as I am, with a double barrel first name… (do a little dance here)! Apparently, the original name I was to be given was Yvette. Dad intervened. He likes things a little more simple. Yay for Dad! (another little dance here)!

Often the name we are born with isn’t the name we are called day to day. Most of us have nicknames or have had our name shortened, extended and /or just plain modified. And most likely our parents (especially mothers) call us by our ‘proper’ name. I’m sure we have all ducked for cover, run for the hills or slipped out the back when hearing our first, middle and last names screeched in a pitch only a mother can deliver or will mean bad things are about to arrive?!

Our eldest is Jesse Ethan O’Hara – He gets, Jesse Bear, Gentlemans (what we hope he will grow to be) and often Smelly Pants- Hahahahahaha – How boys like to fart! Levi James O’Hara – middle child may on occasion answer to; Rigby (from Rigby & Mordaci), Kick Butowski (another cartoon) and Stinky – ;). Then there is Joel Patrick O’Hara – Joel Pat, Joel Splat, Splaty, and Pooy (he is still in nappies).

As you can see the prerequisite for being in our family is a sense of humour and, not taking yourself too seriously. We can all but try?! I will almost always take the mickey and call all of them by their first and middle names, husband included. The boys collectively are also known as The O’Boys or Team Gentlemans. Such Fun!

Then there are the meanings of these names. Oh and depending on where you look it’s contradictory and often random. Cultural seems to be more consistent mind you? – (ponder, tapping finger on chin)

Kelly-Anne is supposed to mean “A Spring Grace” Ha!! I think I am more of “an acquired taste!”

Anyhow, names can be fun and the intention in which they are all delivered or the context to which they are derived, is what we have to watch to make sure we are being respectful, I am sure. Still despite what your name or names are, the most encouragement is to be you. You will only be a second rate “someone” else. Be a first rate you.

Would love to hear what you have been called and why  :)


King George VI – Of Britain

At this present time, I have been able to either watch (on telly) or read a few things in some sort of relaxed state.  Random quotes from these glimpses of entertainment then bounce out at me and brain cells ignite…I have most recently watched this detailed period movie – The Kings Speech.   Geffory Rush and his perfomance  made me still and quiet with contemplation with this…

“My job was to give them faith in their own voice, and let them know a friend was listening.”  Lionel was talking about how he had rehabilitated Soldiers returning from World War 1, when they came home shell shocked.

My mind reorganised this a bit differently and in a few ways…

“Have faith in your voice when a friend is listening”

“Have faith in your voice.  Do you have a friend to listen?”

“I have a voice.  I want to have faith in it, but a friend to listen, when I choose to have faith, may be hard to find!”

Not so easy to trust people, is it?

“Kelly – You are going to have to learn to trust people” – Ex Boss (MD, Bob Penn, Integra Telecomuncitions Resources), 2001 North Sydney.  I was his PA.  I adored that he took the time to know me.


Dress Code

After having a frank discussion with Builder Boy about how young men dress these days and a brief chat with our workplace/accident  adviser, I had a comical tutorial with with sons 1 & 2.

This included how low or not to wear ones pants. Clearly I am all for the waist band being above the anus!  It went something like this…

“Boys come to your mother?” ” :)  Do you think wearing your pants down this far is ideal and safe in a building work place like Dads?” (I have then pulled a pair of shorts down under the butt cheeks of son no.1, to demonstarte what I mean)  Jesse grins and delcares “no!”  ” I would need a longer bigger shirt to cover me so my bum wouldn’t get sun burnt”  I enquire further with; “Do you think a baggy shirt is safe around machinery?” to which son no. 2 giggles, “No way! Dad would get hurt or tangled in something”

Here endeth the sanguine tutorial  :)

Be safe and reasonably sensible  :)


My best…. always?

Yeah, I have a to-do-list so long, I have to push it out of my mind a bit or I will get very edgy. School holidays and making everyone feel like they have had adequate time with me and are feeling loved plus (me) insisting on a level of discipline, is trickey. Any parent will agree, I am sure? I think I did ok today…better than yesterday…. So yes, when you have had 2 weeks away and then need to hit the ground running… The phone went constantly and the boys thought it was fun to bang on doors and walls while I was trying to converse with ACC, Builder Boy, IRD and the accountants…hard work?! But today we made cookies, watched Planes (the movie for the 3rd time) and Smurfs 2 (2nd time), coloured in colouring books and made stuff with glue. The (big) boys enjoyed their omlette dinner and DaddyO’ came home to boot the rugby ball about. I grin and ponder my job whilst they were doing that – reading in our bedroom… then being told “you are on duty mum!” Yeah, to throw the ball back over the edge of the deck after if happens to land up there. :) Cheeky little Gentlemans!

I hope that you are able to kick back and relax with yours during these holidays, or just kick back?

Happy Summer Shopping! :)

P.S – Shout out to the Turua people  ;)


Magical, Awful, Funny, Weird, Disastrous, Hilarious

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I can be a little bit backwards. I am still on a Pre-pay mobile and have only just acquired a smart phone (only, as it was a gift) – Very Grateful. It will now keep me entertained for many hours. Oops sorry, it’s for work of course?! As to how to use it properly – I feel such an old fart! Hahahahahaha

Surfer Man blew me away Christmas morning with this pretty amazing gift. Not since before we were married (17 years ago on January 25) has he purposefully gone out and chosen a gift for me. This time around he did it with all 3 of our Fun Ones in tow. Images flood through my brain as I think of all of them in an electrical goods store and my mind wonders… in contentment.

Boys are great fun!  Needless to say they had a mind blowing time Christmas day.  And Mike had to spend time outing Lego.

Most enjoyable gift that the boys got?  Most certainly the 3 Super Hero outfits!  We now have an Ironman, Batman and Sipderman.  Tragically cool and the boys are committed.  Almost equal in ranking, is the look on each face as they grab that bundle and edge the wrapping open. I want to bottle life at that moment and stick it in my hand bag.

“It’s awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, and then something incredible happens… Then It’s awful, awful, awful, awful, awful, and then something magical happens” – Movie – The Back-Up Plan – Featuring Jennifer Lopez.  A bit dramatic I know. I think you are picking up what I am puting down?  ;)

Remember – Slip, Slop, Slap and give yourself a pat on the back!

Happy Holiday Shopping! :)