My Boys Paeroa & Papamoa

On the sneaky, I thought I would introduce my three sons; Jesse, Levi and Joel. They are so much fun and a good dose of mischief with lots of noise. I really enjoy photographing them and the way they attack every event with the fullness of life. It shows so much of who and how we are as a family.

I read in Jesse’s report card that he learns from asking and doing. Michael and I would have added also – at speed! He is very much like a Jack Russell pup, speedy, yappy and incredibly protective of his family with such a touch of affection.

Our family Saint Bernard is Levi. So laid back, great sense of humor, loves cuddles on the couch and has the ability to smell out bacon for miles. Sometimes his lack of motivation can be challenging. Yes, bribes of treats do work! 🙂

Joel is our youngset and we are yet to find a breed of dog that adequately does him justice. His nickname is Little Mates. He wants to be everyone’s friend and is really at ease hanging out with the blokes on the couch.

Indulging in a child’s honesty and light is such a blessing. When I hold my children, I am so happy that it feels as if I am going to burst out of my being. Knowing that my boys are growing so fast, having Spratts Kids will keep me surrounded by Little Fun Ones.

Mixed in this stream of words and pictures will be some larakins joining us. Friends, family, animals, vehicles that are us and the fun we have.

I hope to share more images with you; photos I have come to love and enjoy. With help from a great friend who is holding my hand in this new adventure of mine in editing, blogging, Spratts Kids’ and other things – I will learn.

So much happens in our house each day and sometimes overwhelmingly so in a week.

Welcome to the journey.


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