This has been a more challenging week than most. Started with 40 degree temps with 2 of our Fun Ones and ended in 2 lots of infections and the 3rd with Whooping Cough.

Not knowing what Whooping Cough was all about I went straight to my trusty Facebook friends. Saw who was available, awake and sober on a Friday night…The best people with the best help found! Yes, I was suprised too. But maybe that is more a reflection of my lifestyle these days… maybe not so much the style part.

I had one googling all my questions for me, another telling me a crock pot (slow cooker) with its lid off, half filled with water and Vicks added would work as a vaporizer. In Australia a hardcore water polo playing lass informed me that some asthma inhalers help and that when she had Whooping Cough she cracked some ribs. Ok, didn’t really need that piece of encouragement, but it gave me something to be thankful for…so far?!

However the one suggestion that I could implement immediately was proping the Saint Bernard (Levi) up with 3 pillows, (now covered with a towel as he had thrown up twice and the washing was getting out of control – Humpf) and teaching him to lay on his side with his head arched back. This is supposed to open up the airways. Oh this worked a treat!! Most of us had a wonderful sleep until the temps all came back at 2am for everyone but me.

What is that about!!!

Small note to husbands: When you are sick, Alcohol Does Not Help. Cheers 🙂

Feeling this huge bolder of angst fester in my being I was in need of an outlet so I began beating up the sink with a plastic jug at about 8am this morning. I think it may have vented out an alarm of warning to the world that I had had enough and not to give me anymore to deal with or I might just use someone’s head as a bowling ball.

It was about then that Hubby shot through with our eldest and went to work…Its Saturday 🙂

Good to know that he knows what’s good for him?

To tie all good things together. I am really grateful for doctors, drugs, Facebook friends, beds, people with a huge sense of humor, showers and the jug that allowed me to beat the kitchen sink.

The sink beating I can really recommend.

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