Spratts – Cot Sets & Nappy Bags

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$30 per Cot Set

$40 per Nappy Bag

 (postage included, within NZ)

These are all end of lines and Factory Clearance Items.

The Cot Sets are very well sized. I have a GroYears Cot (cot seen in images) from Farmers (NZ retail outlet chain) and they fit this perfectly.

Great items for the price!

Nappy Bags are very well made and have won awards in Geneva, Switzerland. 

The bags can be worn as a Back Pack or Over the Shoulder.  I keep mine in the car at all times and find that they are perfect for changing baby in the boot of my Honda.  They are also great to take camping, as you have a great changing area in any temporary situation.

I find that this bag is ideal for when the Grandparents want to take babe for the day.  All they need to do is pick up the bag and the child and go.  Mum no longer needs to be concerned that the babysitter is under supplied.  I have a child who has some life threatening allergies and all his medications fit, in addition to all the other requirements.

For the Nappy Bag that can grow as your child’s needs do. 

 You simply change what you stock in the bag.  The change mat becomes a place that your toddler can sit and eat.  You no longer need to worry that they are making a mess, they don’t have enough food or that their bottom is getting wet if they are outdoors.

We have 2 Colours available.  Please specify which you would like me to send?

As these are Sale Items there are No Returns or Refunds. 

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