Growing Perceptions

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Sitting here watching video hits on telly and listening to the love promises of a very young Justin Bieber (As Long As You Love Me). I think, he seems an OK bloke.

Isn’t perception interesting?

Next Katy Perry’s – I’m Wide Awake – rolls about. I really enjoy the words Katy chooses to explain her world.

As my brain alights upon Bieber I know there are many males I can hope for my boys to mimic. I hope they grow to be well behaved boys and good hearted men. I see glimpses of the not so good, at times, and this makes me nervous.

Fun One No 1 has been at loggerheads with his teacher and we have had meetings. I have taken to popping my head in, after class, for a quick assessment. Not listening or doing as he is told, getting too rough in his problem resolutions and dropping an f bomb!

I know!!! I was beyond embarrassed. Being on probation and not being allowed to play Cool Maths Games until there is a reasonable amount of complaince, seems to be working thus far. It certainly helps when you know your child’s currency.

Fun One No 2 has been treating most adults like servants. I announced I was his mother and, in fact, NOT his servant. The quick little reply; ‘What? that doesn’t makes any sense!’ The conversation evolved. Me: ‘I make the rules and you do as you are told’. Shock horror the little blighter had a reply for that one too. Arms folded and a snarl on his face. ‘I don’t care about the rules and I want to do what I want!’ Quickly I reminded him that this is my house and I just let him live here. Phew, no come back on that one – thank you Bill Crosby!

All the while – Fun One No 3 is running around shouting ‘Turn it off, turn it off?’

Believe me, I would if I could darling…

I enjoy my boys most of the time; most of the day. Very happy to see that they are happy, healthy children even as we sometimes question the ‘normal’. In the moments I think I am failing, I have to check myself and make sure I am still acting as though I am just a whisper away from clasping an Oscar. Reminding myself that they are still the child that wants to be ‘a really useful engine’ (Thomas the Tank Engine), valued and in need of parental protection and consistant discipline.

Isn’t this where we can fail? Consistency; it can drive us madder than we already are. Believing that when you know better you do better is a strong conviction. If you don’t have the tools, finding them, somewhere, somehow. Beg, borrow and make yourself vunerable to find solutions. As Bob says ‘can we fix it? Yes, we can!’. I am sure at some stage we have all googled and wikipediaed our behaviours as well as those of our our children. Relevant solutions for current family dramas.

Trying to be proactive and solution orientated, I have had that all important chat with hubby about his rainbow of verbal expressions and the consequence of them. Made a verbal contract regarding code of conduct with No 1. Yes, we even shook hands. Decided, no, I am not going to be conned by No 2. Then I took Number 3’s advice and ‘turned it off’ for fear of them becoming so familiar with my words of correction that they lose power and ears grow immune to their value.

I would like to thank all good children’s cartoons for the positive messages and can do attitudes. They do more than embed their theme music in my neurons, for me to sing in the shower. I hope that when the time comes for my Fun Ones to choose a popular or not so popular culture they will select that which helps grow a strong social conscience. If they don’t and they lose their way, my heart will always be their mother and defender.

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4 thoughts on “Growing Perceptions

  1. Love your musings Kelly, can relate to every word! I love the way your call the boys your ‘fun ones’ sure does keep a positive perspective in life during those times of the day when we’re not enjoying the ‘fun’ so much. So Levi has a comeback for nearly everything – find it hard to imagine he has grown so much in his communication skills! I laughed about Jesse’s choice of words too and Joel, well priceless and Mum – well almost speechless!! – not! Loved the photos too!


    1. Thanks so much for your feed back. It is fun to have dialogue after a post. Makes me think that someone is out there. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you all again in December. I keep thinking of this book and then think of you. 4 Ingredients. Its a reciepe book that has all meals based on only 4 Ingredients. You could try Googling it? Thought it would be ideal for you and all that you cook for in Fiji? Hugs!


      1. Awesome, thanks Kelly, I’ll have a look for the book. I love this website and feel more connected to you now. love you.


  2. That makes me so happy! Love you more 🙂 Fiji must be amazing though? I think there is a book in you as well lady. Or at least a Blog? Your stories are awesome as well. Can I encourage you to start writing? xx


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