The Force is strong in you; it is!

I suffer from exhuastion often. I have been told this is becasue I have RA (Rhuematiod Arthritis). I want to scoff loudly at this and I will tell you why.

3 Fun Ones (one at School, one at Kindy and one at home with life threatening allergies), two businesses, a household, with all that includes and making sure all the bills are paid. I look at this and wonder what I should take up for fun?!

Tongue in cheek.

Although it has taken a year from diagnosis, now that I have a routine in place, most of it is fun and I am the sort of person that thrives on being busy. But I think you get the drift? So excuse me if I dismount from the breakfast table, to the couch and sleep for a further 2 hours,  have the phone turned off, only do computer work at night and take some painkillers with a shot of something (juice of course!). 😉


On Friday I managed to get some chores ticked off, put the youngest to bed and set the second at the table with morning tea. He then asked “what are you going to do mum?” Barely audiable, I mumbled…”Going to bed, you can join me when you’re ready, if you like?” That he did. I woke to find that he had taken his trackies, sweat shirt and SpiderMan socks off, climbed in and was busy grinding his teeth next to my ear. We woke 2 hours later, just in time to make it to the Hairdresser. FLUKE!

Today, being Monday I have almost lost my voice! No, the weekend wasn’t that hard out.  We went to my parents and the inlaws. They live really close to each other,(but 2 hours from us) thank goodness.  Humm… I hope I’m not getting another bug, but it doesn’t sound promising does it?

We had a bit of a revelation…Mike and I are about to become temporary orphans. Both his parents and mine are going to Europe (not together) for a little over a month. At least he has brothers still in the country! I have one in England and the other is on a 6 week training programme in Orlando, Florida, but resides in Sydney Australia.

Mike and I have a collection of odd things in common. We are both the eldest (OK not so odd), both have twin brothers,  distant relatives had connected decades before our exisitance, both mothers belonged to the same twin club and his parents gave us their hand me down clothes (long before the days of re-selling on TradeMe). I remember Mike looking at our family photo albums and saying “Is that where my slippers with the zips up the front went?!” But if it hadn’t been for me deciding I wanted out of my then, current High School, we might never have connected.

Isn’t it interesting that we can look back and see how a series of choices have landed us where we are? I understand the question “how did we get here?”. I also understand that if we didn’t start walking in the direction we wanted to be, we wouldn’t even have a hope of landing in the correct destination.

Be encouraged, stop and think, the realign yourself (if need be) one day at a time. I assure you, you will get there or to a good version of it. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t in my wildest of thoughts think that I would ever be struck with this thing called RA.

Grumpy this makes me often!

This weekend I have been grateful for, my husband and all the chores he does, our Fun Ones who have limitless amounts of love, my local library for all the Thomas books and DVD’s, grocery shopping online, my crock pot and all the opportunities, I hope I have made the most of.

May The Force Be With You.


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