Fathers' Day 2012 TWO

Ha Ha Moments Down On The Farm

Fathers Day 2012 ONE

There is only one problem when staying at my parent’s house on the farm. They only have one toilet. I know, the shock and horror of it all! How did we all survive when that was the norm?

It just so happens that the busiest time of the day for that little room is the morning. It’s no wonder, really is it?!

I was sitting eating my breakfast and the last to do so, when our 4 year old St Bernard thumps through the house with some urgency to use the ablutions. Access denied, as it was otherwise occupied!  I hear “Muuuuum, I need the toilet!” I holler from the couch “what are you going to do then?” I am pretty relaxed about it because I am fairly confident that it won’t end in an accident. 1. We are on a farm with plenty of outdoor spots for a little boy to choose. 2. The closest neighbour is nearly 1km away and 3, it’s every boy/mans dream to free pee…right?

Something Mike and I try to instil in our boys is the ability to problem solve. We are often asking them what or how they would do something. So it was no surprise when the Skippy older brother comes to see if he can help. “Here Levi, pee in this” I hear and I ask “is it a plastic bottle from Gran’s re-used bottle cupboard?, “Yes Mum!” they chime. “Goodo” I reply. Then the full bladdered Bernard starts to freak out. A quick little pep talk from older brother, “its okay Levi, you can do this” and the job is completed.

I am, meanwhile in an ajoining room and cannot see what is going on. Trying not to laugh as they sound so darn cute! Plus, I was rather proud of the solution that they came upon. At the same time, I had just finished my cereal and stood to see the looks on their faces. Standing in the doorway, so totally grossed out to see Older Brother vacating the bottled contents into the kitchen sink!!! I yell “NOOOOOO!” Oops too late…

Fathers' Day 2012 TWO

Husband exits toilet, St Bernard pulls his pants up, does a runner and Older Brother grins, hands me the bottle and does a disappearing act also. Mum goes about the sterilization process…loads of scorching hot water! Dad, well he is all proud of his boys craziness and bares a grin the size of the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

Given that the boys are only 6, 4 and nearly 2, I think and hope that there are a few more tricks in these Fun Ones yet? I am looking forward to laughing loads more as a result.

I am really grateful for the supply of toys and books at the Farm and love catching up on the movie channel (Mum and Dad have paid TV), that is when the boys are all in bed and I can flick the Cartoon Network off! Love that my husband came home with a bottle of wine for me and that he loves our boys so much. So honoured!

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  1. Adorable Kelly. So when is the book coming out and what will the title be – Fun Ones and Free Willy!!


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