Ten things to be grateful for .. this week

Extremely busy and productive week this week, with all the new stock, photographing and posting it on both the website and Facebook. A task I couldn’t have done half as well without my dear friend Mr. M. Jeans. I am forever grateful!

A couple of funny things happened over the weekend. We were watching Loony Tunes while eating The Builder’s traditional “Bacon & Egg Blow Out Breakfast”. Fun One Number 2 turns to me and declares that Daffy Duck is a “Sockie Path”. I burst myself laughing!

That got me thinking. If I was to match each person in my family to a character in that particular cartoon what would I come up with?  It was interesting in my mind’s eye, then I got over analytical and it was all too much for my poor brain!

If you were to so the same which characters from which programme would you choose? Fun exercise do you think?

Ten things I am grateful for this week? Kindy Teachers, the wind (to get all my washing dry), the International/National mailing system, any new chocolate bars ( that I have yet to try), our Honda Odyssey, children’s car seats, the internet, Faceboook, water and the awesome fish dinner that The Builder cooked this evening.

Have a good week people! 🙂

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