Recycle or Upcycle?

So I was thinking. People use cloth nappies and other manner of things to drape over the shoulder to catch baby burps.  Why not combine this idea with another I saw on Rachel Ray.

New Zealand Merino knit top

The television programme demonstrated how with an old top (t’shirt style) and a few cuts you could create a tasseled scarf that wouldn’t fall off.

Cut to suit

Here I have taken a New Zealand Merino knit top that moths have attacked (the sleeve) and done something very similar, thus combining the two ideas.

and so on!!

This way you can hold baby, baby can make a mess and you don’t have to change your clothing nor does it matter on which shoulder baby is dribbling. Less washing; an easy solution. Plus a little extra warmth in Winter if you use a Merino as I have.

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