Sunny Days, Wet Fun

Is it not just the weirdest thing I have just seen, Usher in a movie with Katherine Heigel and Ashton Kutcher?  Good to see that someone in his position isn’t putting all his eggs in one basket.

You know what I have really found a new appreciation of this weekend?  The McDonalds Happy Meal!  Oh, it makes me so happy to drive in and say “3, 6 Pack Chicken Nugget Happy Meals, with waters, no sauce and boys toys please“.  I park, bosh the chips in the other half of the nugget cartons and wham, the boys are all eating their own equally divided meals as we travel off to the farm.  Heaven for me to drive in peace.  I am all about making life a little easier when I can and this is one I love!

Another thing I am really happy about at the moment is the amazing spring weather!  The mornings start off really glum and then wow; it all opens up at lunch time to an almost tropical, slightly humid afternoon.  We took the boys up the Thames Coast on Saturday afternoon and had such a good time.  Toy trucks, little men running around in their Thomas Underpants, (or no underpants at all for Fun One 21 Months) and a bag of potato chips.

This afternoon (Sunday) they were full-on and at it with the hose.  Bored with that, they filled the paddling pool.  The water at the farm comes from the creek.  So those of you that know, yes it is freezing!  They were so silly, so cute and smelt so good after being drenched in water with no chemicals in it.

Fun One 4.5, was crying saying that his older brother was being mean to him.  After a brief talk about how he had the hose, therefore the power…He then grit his teeth and marched off to blast said brat in the head with a solid jet of water.  Ha ha!  Brother then got the message and thought twice about how he treated his brothers for the rest of the afternoon.  Love natural actions versus consequences. 🙂

This week I would like to give a grateful “Shout Out” to all my repeat customers.  You are awesome and I would love to see you at both or either of the Kids Markets that we will be attending at the QE 2 Centre, Tauranga on November 4 and December 9.  Its FREE entry and indoors.  (So no weather issues)

Happy Shopping!  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Sunny Days, Wet Fun

  1. Love all the photos, thanks for sharing, love that Mike got to have a beer at the coast. Little boys running along pushing Tonka trucks brings back so many memories. It was a treat to pause on the last photo only to find it was actually a slide show of more fantastic photos.


  2. Thanks heaps Michelle. I think many stop at the one photo or blog announcement and don’t read all the way through. One day we will get them there.

    It was a great afternoon. I had so much fun. I am so honoured to have happy boys…most of the time! 🙂 Mike is such a good Dad 😉

    I will never forget the size of Matt’s cheeks…Levi all over!



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