Roses Are Red, My Face Is Wet…

Things have been a little busy here at our house.  So busy that I got a little overwhelmed at the sight of my diary and decided to defer a few items from our agenda…  but I did get a lot accomplished regardless.

Administration, superannuation considerations, school enrolments, new school uniform and dental appointments for all 3 of our Fun Ones, as well as all the “normal things” that happen in our house. I had one stand out moment that nearly made me repeatedly ugly cry.  You know the sort that often scares small children, animals, the elderly and makes your husband do a U-turn out of the room.


On this rare occasion I took all 3 boys on an emergency run to the supermarket (we normally do online shopping).  As we left, I was getting ready to brief the boys that, with the wind being at gale force outside, we had to be extra careful on the way back to the car and to hold on to the trolley.  Then saw Red Cross doing their annual appeal.  I dug out my wallet and gave each of the big boys gold coins. Smiling broadly they both returned to me with long stem red roses!  First attempt at holding back the ugly cry.

Fun One 6 years announced he wanted to give his rose to a little girl just returned to New Zealand with her family from Thailand. “To say thanks you for giving us her outdoor play gym mummy” he announced.  Thinking that was even sweeter, there goes my second attempt at keeping back the tears!


Feeling overloaded with pride, I stack all of us in the wagon.  We head off to welcome our friends home.  They were really pleased to see us and let us know that they had only been back a week!  Little Lady Fun One comes running out and is a little stunned when handed her flower.  Both children beaming, two mothers holding back puddles of water.  Yay, that there was a sudden downpour from the sky to camouflage my then 3rd emotional moment in an hour.

Playdates organised, we both mopped ourselves and did a runner.  I felt rewarded as a parent because it is moments like this with our families, I feel that I am on the right track in being a more successful parent.  🙂

A special thank you goes out to Builder Boy for taking our 3 rowdies away for the weekend.  Having a full 3 days of weekend freedom is fun and weird. I am constantly catching myself listening out for a baby. Instead I am given small frights by the cat!  🙂

Also to Fun One 6 for being so good about why his Gran and Pop’s couldn’t make it to Grandparents Day at school. Such understanding at such a young age.

Thanks to the grandparents for hosting the Fun Ones this weekend.  I am sure docking sheep is way more fun with children?  I know children like playing with lambs that’s for sure.

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