The Devil Has A Cute Smile

The Devil Has A Cute Smile

The Devil Has A Cute Smile

It’s 10.49pm and I’m awake.  Which is a bit backward given I am having a flare in my joints, suffering from a major Sinus Infection and all I have longed for all day is fall into my nest and be at one with slumber.

Succumbed to the wonderland of phlegm, sneezing and random temps this hallows eve, I squint at my reflection. Ironically I find myself in costume.  Mouth guard in (I clench and ruin my teeth as I sleep), wrist support on and ankles bound with Pj’s on, no glasses in sight. I must look like an old lady, come zombie, slash Dracula.  Very amusing image, don’t you think?  Here, I was of the strong belief we didn’t have the Halloween culture in our house.  It seems we do and not just once a year! 🙂

Thanks dear friend (Michael Jeans) for the awesome title that has set this in motion. My mind runs wild with how many contexts this could be used!

Hoping to shake this unpredictable virus before the weekend.  It is going to be a busy one.  Car boot sale at the Dickson Road , Papamoa on Saturday and The Kids Market at the QE2 Centre in Tauranga on Sunday.  I have to be in top form!  I have had Builder Boy on task erecting a sign stand for me tonight. Tomorrow night the clothes rack.  Stock has been arriving and I have had to hide it all from my boys. (Fun One 6 year’s wants to give all his “girlfriends” Peppa Pig Hair Clips.  Too cute for words!) Merchandising ideas have been running around in my head and I have been drawing little layout diagrams…obsessed much?

The weather here has been great and the Fun Ones have been out in the “sprinkles” each afternoon.  The routine is a common one.  From the “sprinkles” to the outside shower (it’s warm), to the bath…pj’s, dessert, bed.  Works well at getting rid of that last bit of energy before they go to bed. Oooh sooooo goooood!

Builder Boy has created a new vegetable patch for us.  It is a very townies one and looks pathetic at the moment.  Trying our hands at capsicum, tomatoes, zucchini and silver beet is standard here.  Not holding much hope for the tomatoes, as we have failed each year so far.  Oh well, we grow in hope.  I live with the vision that one day we will be able to grow a successful soft lawn with no weeds nor prickles.  Will let you know if or when that happens 🙂


Oh, Builder Boy did the most adorable thing yesterday!  He picked up and held all 3 of the Fun Ones.  It was awesome!  I wrapped my arms around all 4 of my men and it was the biggest family squeeze.  I went all gushy 🙂

This minute I am really grateful for tissues, lip balm, the elastic that my ankles are supported in, romantic comedies, music, children’s books, cuddles from my mini men and kind people. As a new bit, I am more than miffed at selfish people who don’t listen or don’t want to be part of solving their own problems.  They want others do all the work and to fix them.  What is that all about?

Happy Times & Happy Shopping!

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