A Little Lost ONE

A Little Lost

As I am checking the clothing racks (Spratts Kids’ Clothing was at The Kids Market this Sunday just past) and hear a little voice jabber with joy about the Peppa Pig Hair Clips and Dora underpants I have on display.  It was heartwarming to see such a happy but sadly slightly neglected Fun One.  I started to get somewhat concerned when I didn’t see a parent or carer.  Crouching down and taking her wee hand in mine, I asked her if we should find mummy.  She seemed happy to do so.

I casually looked for a panicked stricken mummy, but did not find one.  Some of the other stall holders came together with me, we detailed the market organiser and we found her carer after an announcement over the speaker system was made.

A Little Lost ONE

I see children as a gift.  I know I have to reconcile with the reality that not everyone shares this view. The short time this little one was with me, I protected her from strangers, shielded her from the scary Kung Fu Panda mascot and calmed her with reassuring words.

As my mind wanders into an imaginary galaxy, I wonder what it would have been like if I had been allowed to come home with a new Fun One and the assortment of reactions.  Fun One 6 years “Way cool mum, a sister!” Fun One 4 years “Ummm, she’s not sleeping in my bed!” and Fun One 2 years, “Hello baby, I’m Joel Pat!“.  Builder Boy might have taken more convincing 😉

I enjoy going to the Markets to sell my children’s clothing, but it’s the stories and the people I meet that I find more intriguing.

I hope you and your Fun Ones are safe today,  tonight and always.

A Little Lost TWO

I am really grateful with an abundance of respect, for the grandparents and great grandparents who take on the responsibility of raising their children’s little ones.  It is more common than we think.  They do an amazing job.

Happy Shopping  🙂