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Short Vacation

Builder Boy came home from work the other day and announced that we should do something fun as a family. Lifting my brows in amazement at such an announcement, I tried to contain my excitement.  A short vacation, weekend away (to Rotorua) was what he had in mind.  I nearly burst myself!

We live about an hour’s drive from one of the biggest geothermal hot spots in New Zealand, Rotorua. It is fondly known by most here as RotoVegas. It will probably take us longer to pack than to get there.  🙂

Copyright Kelly O'Hara 2012

After a quick browse through WOTIF.COM we found Cedarwood Lakeside Resort. Pleased with ourselves at such a find and value for money we started bantering about the parks and thermal activity that we could “WOW” the boys with. Bubbling mud, Geysers shooting water into the air, warm pools to soak in and distinct smell of sulpher in the air.  Like someone has let off.

The following day we started telling the boys what we had planned. Fun One 4 years, says “Which country are we going?” Fun One 6 years “Can we take the play dough; you know the brown lot you made?” Fun One almost 2 years “Monkey, monkey, donkey, donkey!”

I am looking forward to having 2 parents having fun with 3 Fun Ones and maybe eating at a couple of places that have really yummy food. Just as well…My boys like those things too! 🙂

Copyright Kelly O'Hara 2012

This will be our first family holiday as the 5 of us, on our own. I am really grateful for the opportunity and I think the fun ones will enjoy the Heavy Machinery Museum that I have found 🙂

Will keep you posted as to how the weekend goes and take loads of pictures.  I am sure the journey will be a little more like Diego than Dora, given I have 3 boys?  We will see.

Happy Shopping!