Rotorua weekend

Locked & Fully Loaded

Heading off in the car through the National Park forestry,  we have three very happy and excited Fun Ones.  I don’t recall telling Fun One 4 years, that Rotorua is the Cultural Hot Spot of New Zealand. Yet he is doing a loud rendition of the haka in the back seat.  Funnier still,  is he often runs around in his Spiderman suit stomping out a haka. Too funny!

Rotorua weekend

We set off,  the weather is wonderful but  that changes very quickly and I am glad we are staying in a resort with three heated pools the boys can exhaust Dad in. The playground is awesome with two trampolines and our unit gives us a view of the lake and island in the centre of it.

With the bad weather we decide to attack the CAT museum (bulldozers, tractors, trucks and diggers) the next morning. It is a huge shed with over 30 vehicles, an old fashion picture theatre and toys for the boys to play with in a gravel pit. Sadly only one machinery item is reserved for climbing on. With 3 Fun Ones this causes a bit of an issue 😦

Rotorua weekend

High tailing it back to our resort,  (the youngest had to nap), the big boys race for the pools. Me, in front of the heater, fall asleep on the floor. Two hours later I have three humans resembling white prunes staggering in. Loaded up with lunch (round 2) we hoon off in the wagon to explore green lakes, blue lakes, giant redwoods and the statue of a dog on the side of the road.

Weather clearing and make a plan to  head to Rainbow Springs Wild Life Park the next day. It was more than  ideal to roll up at opening time, as later we discover that at 11am throngs of tour buses arrive. Too many people for words!

The birds were true performers. Kaka, Weka and Kea really put on a dance and the trout are almost the size of giant Tuna! The highlight for Fun One 4 years was two rounds of the Big Splash. He called it the roller coaster. Fun One 6 years was terrified and I had to stop him from diving off the boat to certain death! Fun One almost 2 years being held by Dad in the back, was ambivalent. I was so happy to be sharing this with my family that I had to stop myself from going all weepy, (something that I have randomly started doing since I have become a mother).

Rotorua weekend

Quick pit stop for food and toilets, off to see the national icon the Kiwi (this was a huge talking point for Fun One 6 years, as a young chick gave him a good sniffing) and we bailed to the car to head home the long way. But not before dealing to a bad mannered nappy. 🙂

The trip had its ups and downs but as the boys slept on the way home in the middle of the day, Builder Boy and I giggled about the different reactions they each had to events. Home by Sunday afternoon and we collapsed on the lounge room floor in the sun. All happy 🙂

Thanks be to Oppies on Fenton Street, for being such great value for money. Enough Chinese food to feed us 3 times!