So Good

Sometimes, just sometimes you have a truly wonderful weekend.

High Tea at Chantilly & Cream with a friend in town (130 Davenport Road, Tauranga). We rolled out in complete blissfulness with a barrel of a tummy an hour later. Then deciding to walk it off by doing some shopping for a couple of key items in the long awaited warming summer. Apparently, New Zealand had the coldest November on record for quite some time. Not something that I needed to be told. Up until that day I was still wearing 3 layers! 🙂

For an excursion that started at 10am, my girlfriend and I waved “Ta Ta” at 3pm. Made my way home to have my fingers and toes beautified by my lovely neighbour “GetNailed” (17 Wairakei Ave, Papamoa). We always have the best brain storming sessions. This time we were discussing (as well as other things) how, if I wasn’t seeing her to decorate my toes, I would not have questioned the numbness, bulge and bruising on my big toes and left foot. I am now seeing an Orthopaedic surgeon!

Off to grab some take out and meet up with the family. Planning for the market the following day….


I heard that it was hard to find a volunteer to be Santa for the occasion. They found one and he looks like he did an ok job. Yay for Santa. Ta heaps for my lollipop, I am never sweet enough. 😉

The market for Spratts, I thought, was a great success! The most interesting customers where the grandpa’s or Poppa’s. They were loyally pushing strollers with pride, following daughters, wives and in-laws. I had a gorgeous older couple come and take a really good look at my merchandise. Gran was a little reserved, while Poppa was fervently picking up items and placing them in the open bag. Only interested in the total amount to pay. My heart smiled at his sense of achievement in his purchase. You could see he was pleased with himself. Later that day amongst some organised chaos, a Mum came with such enthusiasm. She was so excited and quick. A customer with a strong sense of purpose. It really surprises me how people are so grateful that I do what I do. I am glad I can help and often wish I could do more. Don’t we all?

I do like people popping off from my market place with a carefully bagged package of goodies complete with a Spratts sticker to seal the deal. 🙂

We did well and I am a little in awe at how empty my range is. I have thankfully already made another order and hope it arrives very soon. Transformers, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony, Fireman Sam, Elmo, Sesame Street, Dora and Thomas. Currently making a wish list for winter…that could be an interesting process?! Choices are often mulled over and take time 🙂

I hope your preparation for Christmas is an enjoyable one and even though it is nice to give a gift or two, holding and laughing with your Fun Ones is even more important. Squishy skin and mushy kisses are priceless. 🙂

Happy Christmas Shopping and all that jazz…


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  1. Your blog has little white dots scrolling across my screen, are they meant to be there? Love that you are enjoying the markets so much.


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