Great Break

It has been a hugely eventful time here at our house of crazy!

A trip to Work & Income New Zealand (WINZ). There I observed a horde of young, black hooded, 20ish something males; tattooed – with cars the colour of primer, pacing – waiting.  Watching I turn to Fun One 2 years and murmur “If I can have you 3 boys not doing any of that…and not in jail, I think we might be winning?!” A misdirection of money and attention can be like a blindfold on a cat.

Christmas was awesome and already feels like it was eons ago. A small misunderstanding and question left me feeling I had a brick in my stomach the moment the words left my mouth. Me not anticipating that version of the outcome of a conversation! Lesson learnt. Hugely grateful however for the time we spent with the unique people with whom we share our lives. The boys were true to form and extremely entertaining!

I found myself in mitigation mode and boxing ring referee between our 2 eldest. At one point I told them to place their little bot bots on their beds and not move. Fun One 6 years simply went chemical! I looked at him and said I will add 5 minutes for every nasty word. More Chemical! I kept adding the time and it very quickly became a maths lesson. Before I knew it he was counting in 5’s and had tallied 2 hours. Fun One 4 years announced “I’m going to lay here like mould”. I made the most of not being bothered and started cleaning the toilet down the hall … nearly laughing out loud at that statement! They settled and I started deducting time. By which time I then had 2 of the 3 asleep and the eldest playing very contently in his bunk bed. Bliss and bathrooms all clean 🙂

Something I hadn’t done since we have moved back to New Zealand (from our 7 year stint in Sydney Australia,) was a girl’s night out (Mount Maunganui). It very quickly became a known thing that I hung out mostly with guys when I was student. Just having fun and being the sober driver. I got to drive some fun cars. Occasionally being breath tested and much to the law enforcers amazement I was sober and ok with it all. Often one of the guys was my brother in-laws and/or my husband! Hahahaha

On this occasion it was very new territory and it was not a group. That soon changed! As walking down the street, talking, a group stopped us. I thought that they were going to ask us directions. Ummm,no…Asked us for drinks at a bar. Hey, why not?! Girlfriend and I nearly busting ourselves laughing when the conversation evolves and the 5 of them aren’t even 30! Quick dance, drink, chat and we all ran away! Hahahaha

Another task that was knocked off was an impending ankle surgery. RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) nodule that has been growing causing my entire foot to go numb and sciatica nerve like pain from the foot up. None of which is so much fun. Quite liking that the Doctors this time around as they were really young and a bit of fun.

Oh, I learnt something that might be helpful to those of you that like me and are always losing things. I have been told that if you say what you have lost verbally over and over while you are looking for it…you will find your lost item faster. Worth a try? Let me know if it works for you? – Postscript: – tried it today, failed!