Romantic Men

“Shut up and kiss me” The latest catch phrase to adorn Fun One nearly 5’s tongue. Sounds a bit old for him, but it is very cute.  He is very cute.  He asked me “why does everyone like me?”  It does feel that everyone likes him.  I am very proud.  I get comments similar to “oh are you Levi’s mum?! We hear about him all of the time!”  from Kindy mums.  Little girls saying “oh hey! Its Levi!”  I just hope that this holds him in good stead for High School- hahahahaha  😉

We had loads of fun over Easter. Fun One 2 years played trains on the floor for, what felt like hours. The bigger boys rode bikes, chased the dog and ate their fair share of chocolate.  They also reported back that they had a turn at driving the (model) trains and not just being a passenger.  Lucky!

A first was Fun One nearly 7 years, losing his first tooth. Builder Boy decided to play Tooth Fairy (which made me go a bit gushy). Gave $3 and then promptly flushed the tooth down the loo! I was horrified. Builder Boy said that it was “Manky”, my Mum said that they start to smell after a while….Humph. Oh well I will be more on to it next time.

I saw the music clip for Pink’s “Try” admired very much the dance moves and the words gave me energy in my belly. I wish that she was coming to New Zealand.

Grateful for many things and happy children.


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  1. Gorgeous photos,Levi is just so cute Kelly, gowing up to be so handsome (just like his older brothers). What is it about Thomas Trains that every two year old boy I have ever know loves? He reminds of Ethan when he was that age – which seems like another life ago. Levi will be missed by all his admirers at kindy! He must be starting school soon and have a whole new fan club!


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