Do I have OCD? ;)

I have been to a couple of plastics parties. They make me think about a couple of things that they skite about and then I get all sanguine. 🙂

Plastic skite – “ Containers keep your food fresh for up to 6 weeks!” – Me, in my head “Ummm, aren’t you suppose to eat your food?!” I don’t know about other mothers. But I see it as my duty to have zero waste and minimal expenditure. Finding the knack of effectively storing your food within the packaging that it comes in, could catch on do you think?

Plastics Skite – “These make your fridge so tidy!” – Me, in my head “Clearly your fridge is too big if you can fit all of that and the food in there.” Which brings me to another thought. The bigger the fridge the more you eat the more you spend?

I must admit though. No matter what you store your food in or however best your intentions are for zero waste. Those amazing science experiments even “wowed” my then 17 year old cousin in Bathurst {Australia}. It was fun. Aunt was away for the weekend. I trained it up from Sydney. Other than, looking after Nana, telling Uncle that it was gross that he used the kitchen cloth to mop that mess in the cat corner, getting antibiotics for the pet bird, we unleashed the lovelies from the fridge. It was a hoot!

I don’t think I will get asked to a plastics party again. I don’t spend any money!! Hahahahahaha – Failed!