My Surgeon Blushes

My Surgeon Blushes

I had my final visit to my Orthopaedic Surgeon the other day. Normally I don’t take any of my fun ones, as I need to concentrate. This time I thought, hey, whatever, it’s the last visit and I don’t think it will be a major.

Fun one 2 years tootles along with me and we find the toy box. Loads of elderly folk are there and I sense that I have provided the entertainment. Kind of a nice feeling to have one behaving and all cutesy.

The lovely Doctor welcomes us and we trundle into the private room. Doctor removes “sticky, from Ouchy” and asked Fun one if he wants to kiss mummy better. To which Fun one 2 years replies (and I had to translate to Doctor) “Doc kiss Ouchy!” Hahahahahaha….Poor Doctor!

I retracted my foot from lovely Doctors knee and we all laughed.

Mighty grateful that I have regained most of the nerve function back in my left foot. Not looking forward to the the fluid aspiration and steriod shot on the opposite side, so much. But wow am I glad that it all helps!