Sitting Pretty – Peta Mathias At My Table

Peta Mathias the exotic travelling Kiwi cook sat at my table! It was the coolest thing!! Like naughty school children, we took turns trying on her glasses and drank an assortment of wines that made my face go flush. I laughed a lot when somebody suggested that I take anti-histamine before I drink. As they thought I had an allergy to the tannins in the wine. I thought the idea was a right hoot. More drugs on top of the drugs because I react to wine…but isn’t that also called drunk?! Hahahahaha

Did you know that a buttery anchovy sauce is totally gross on its own but with a venison denver it has this miraculous recovery? Did you also know that you can grate celeriac and eat it raw? I have only ever heard of celeriac puree. I tell you, going to the Ruth Pretty School of Cookery for such an event to see, meet, eat and hear Peta sing (in French) was nothing short of loads of fun. The School is  situated in rural divine its like being placed on earth, where nothing else exists.

Anyhow, more about Ms Mathias. Did you know that Peta first trained to be a nurse, as soon as she left school? She hated it and said “I told my matron I would never pound the halls of a hospital”. Peta asked me what I did when I left school;  her reply “See you did something fun!” I asked her what she learnt about herself while at nursing school and she replied “Hard work” That she has, worked very hard and her food is good, very good, tasty and fun. I like foooooooooddddd.

Stories about her large rings and the letters she gets about the hygienic reasons she shouldn’t wear them.  Losing parts of her large earrings (that I feel are as much her trademark as her red lipstick and flamboyant hair). Men, the books she has written and her way of life with food. What this lady can do with oven roasted tomatoes and pureed haricot beans makes my eyes sing and my stomach dance.

Another major thing I learnt was, Walnut Liquor, Cassis and a deep red Shiraz combined equals the equivalent of lighter fluid. Upon my first sip I coughed so much I was not only red in the face from coughing but went double beetroot red because all were looking at me! My companion for the day mentioned “you are only doing what everyone else is feeling. Maybe the second glass will go down easier?” Ummm, I think not!  Hahahaha, glass of something else please 😉

Many thanks to my coolest friend for making it possible for me to attend such an occasion with her and runaway from my crew for a long weekend. So grateful I am giddy. Also a shout out to my parents for playing rodeo with my 3 Fun Ones.

Health, Laughter & Happy Shopping!


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