Mini Putt, Movies & Cake – Birthday Bliss

Oh it is bliss when things work out. I like it when my baby comes to me and says “cots?” and he is off to bed. Pity that I have Levi at home with a tummy bug…not so much fun! This is Levi’s first month at school and I have found that they always get the tummy bug in that first month. Mum is not there to remind them to wash their hands after going to the toilet or before eating. Levi also has the habit of placing his hands in his month when he cries. I think there have been a few tears…:( This tugs at my heart. Ooooh how being a mother and a mother on medication makes you so emotional! I remember when I thought I was a hard woman!! No crying at soppy movies for me back before I was a mum!

I am also grateful that Jesse is old enough to take himself to school on days like this! Smile of pride across his face because I trust him and he dashes off to whip on his helmet and snake into his shoes. (We are still battling the lace up manoeuvre at the minute.) Me adorned in my tightly wrapped dressing gown and floppy Ugg Boot wannabes, I open the back gate as Fun One 7 Years, on his brother’s bike and he rattles off down the reserve gravel path to school. I didn’t even get as much as a wave good bye! Such a big boy…

We have had quite a season of birthdays, with Levi turning 5, Jesse 7 and me, (not telling my age). It was fun, with loads of cake and events. It is tradition when you turn 5, that you play Mini Putt with Dad, turn 7, you go to the movies with Mum and for me, I get chocolate. In particular, Devonport Chocolates. Mmmmmm, my Mum sends them to me via GreyStreet Flower Company (Tauranga). There is no other chocolate to compare.

I like traditions and will have to consider some more as the Fun Ones get older.

Happy Health, Wealth & Shopping To You All! 🙂