Somethings Hurt So Much!

Sometimes everything just hurts! My heart, my head and my limbs. Sometimes it’s from laughing too much, often from crying, other times it’s just me. A friend said to me “the best way I can understand you, is that you are allergic to yourself” Really good explanation!

I love laughing. The thrill of good news, the great giggle at the anticipation of the joke, realisation that I have been had or sucked in. Seeing the funny/dumb in the stupid, brainless thing done. America’s Funniest Home Videos are a big hit here. All 3 Fun Ones laughing at different rates. That warms my inner mushy bits like no other.

My favourite laugh to listen to is from my Husband. I think it is because I don’t feel I hear it enough? He has the best smile, the strongest arms and a stressed soul. Don’t you wish you could mend your men? How did some of them get so broken?!

I was reading a local paper online the other day. I came across something really discouraging. There was a list of the 10 most wanted men in our area/district. All were over 19 but younger than 35 and 90% of them were of ethnic background. Ironically a policeman was waiting for me when I got home this morning. Upon delivering a court summons to me (I witnessed and reported an assault on a then 18month old, mid last year) for July, we discussed this very thing. What he sees and doesn’t understand is that these people think that their situation is not their fault. They also believe that they shouldn’t  have to or need to work and should be able to do what they like with no consequences. This is sad and not conducive for a safe community. I am sure we all agree?

Celia Lashlie, author, spokesperson and public speaker, has a passion for these things in our men and sons. I encourage you to find out more from her and get more tools for your parenting tool box. She has many credentials but the best thing about her is that she made me laugh so hard that I ached the following day. She taught me things about why men do (some) of the things they do and how to empower our sons to make better choices.

Happy Parenting & Laugh Lots!