A Child’s Journey

Levi (5 years) says “Muuuummm?”, “My neck hurts!”

I ask “Where?”

Levi replies “On the inside!”

Sore throat I would then anticipate? Some weeks I feel like an automated drenching gun. Panadol…Nurophen…Vitamin…


While we were on our way to the farm, (nearly 2 hours away), Jesse announces, “I don’t like the Queen!” A bit bewildered at the statement I ask, “How come?” Jesse adds, “She looks grumpy; she is lazy and just sits on her throne all day!”

I am driving, trying to concentrate and all I want to do is laugh uncontrollably! Enjoying every bit of his brutal honesty and a 7 year old’s observation. We are not a pro-royalist family nor are we an anti-royalist family. I can only gather that something from school has triggered this spouting of randomness, but it sure is refreshing to talk to someone with a harmless opinion. 🙂

Levi – “Mum, what did you do today?” I go about listing a few of the things I did and to my surprise, this doesn’t seem to be enough for him. I keep getting, “And?”….. Tiring of this I am asked, “Did we get anything in the mail?” I sigh and say “Just bills” Levi then replies “Do we need to give them to Bill?!” I giggle and say “I would love to give them to Bill!”

June 25 is almost here and the boys want to celebrate Mid Year Christmas. We think this is a great opportunity and will treat it more like Thanksgiving. What do you do for Mid Year Christmas at your house?

Happy Mid Year Christmas! 🙂