Body & Mind


It must have been a virus that my son and I had eaten. On immune-suppresants it left my body beaten; 2 ambo rides, 4 bags of saline, 3 blood tests, 4 hydrocort and a shot of prednisone, a chest x-ray and hope hanging on a tree.

30 hours and I am released from the cave to find peace in my world in the sun with my builder man in his van with vintage roof rack. On our way to a job that needs to be done on a site with a view, I begin writing anew as it feels more like a morning with twilight dew.

2 Days in and a list of things have gone wrong. My dad is in the cave but a better place than I. It’s a tough bit in the road, but the man has a thick skin. They can fix him and he will be better than me, you just have to watch his thoughts and mind. He has hearing aids but he sure ain’t blind!