Let The Good Times Roll – Ric Ocasek

Maggots, scabies, hired a Manny and pregnant with a baby girl?! All subjects that can be taken wonderfully into the world of people’s minds that love to chat about such topics. I hear them; they are like a ghost of whispers. I know they are all talking, because they are talking to me! Hahahaha! Love it! It makes me smile, loads.

And then I think about a quote from Coco Chanel “You live but once; you might as well be amusing“. Acknowledge and agree!

The Manny is one of my brothers. The school mums think Jared is good looking and funny. He is adored by his nephews. Funny Uncle has been hanging out with us and helping out. He is great with kids and isn’t afraid of saying no to them. I think he missed his calling and should be a Manny; a male version of a Nanny. He cooks (qualified Chef), cleans and can separate washing as well as any mum. We will overlook that he tried to fry a tea towel. 😉

“Let the good times roll, Let them knock you around, Let the good times roll; Let them make you a clown”. Thanks for the fun tune Ric Ocasek. Just one of the tunes that bounce around in my head randomly. Yes I am crazy, but trust me it’s for my own good!

The O’Hara Clan, Papamoa Beach Division, have been having a rough June, (Winter in New Zealand), 3 different types of tummy flu, hospitalizations, and now it looks like we are doing upper respiratory viruses and it is sweeping through us like an invisible ripple of sound!

May you go forth in this season and have great health!

Happy Healthy & Fun Shopping!  🙂