The Kardashian Syndrome

I got excited when I saw Barack Obama’s opinion on the Kardashian’s and must admit I have a strong tendency to agree with him. We have lost sight of what our real needs are.

Having employed people ourselves and for others we have seen this trend growing. We call it The Kardashian Syndrome. This might help you to identify said syndrome:

  • The person doesn’t work (doesn’t think they should have to) and still has a strong sense of entitlement for material possessions, they clearly can’t afford.
  • If employment is obtained, it should be for top dollar (according to them), though starting on time each day can be a problem as are lunch breaks.
  • One or more credit cards bursting with overdue payments or/and other debt accumulating .

In summing up, thinking that you are “Hot shite while really you are a cold fart!”

I don’t mind if you choose to live life like this.  In fact it doesn’t bother me one bit.  You are free not to be free.  Just don’t complain that your habit for living beyond your means is causing you problems.

These are just observations and best of luck in clearing your debt, at least you will look good in your very manicured everything ? (P.s, back in the day, when everything was in black and white, I think it was called “Keeping up with the Jones’) It sends you broke and then you croak. 😛

I have included the Obama link that supports some of the basic values we should be treasuring today.


2 thoughts on “The Kardashian Syndrome

  1. Love your one liners, especially, “it send you broke then you croak.” We have a philosophy “If you can’t take it to heaven you don’t need it.” but some things sure do make life easier.


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