If its Not Broke, Don’t Break it

I know insane title and completely the reverse to what you need to do when at a Ten Pin Bowling Alley.  Oh, by the way… It is the most perfect thing to do with active boys!  But alas! I came last equal with youngest Fun One (2 years, 9 months).  How embarrassing?!  It was a bit of a failure all round really (on my behalf), forgot the camera. 😦

The Place was great and the ramp used by the boys (instead of the typical swing bowl action) was most ideal. Towards the end the boys were angling it and creating different spins and shots. I really enjoyed being a parent that day.

We have resolved to be back for a birthday and as they have just opened an indoor playground – sorted! Now, will it be an Angry Bird cake or a George Pig one??

Happy shopping and I hope you are having fun too.

Kelly O…..


3 thoughts on “If its Not Broke, Don’t Break it

  1. I haven’t been tenpin bowling for years! Your fun time makes me want to go again – there isn’t one in Fiji!


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