Student Led Conferences – Golden Sands School

My nerves were busting out of my skin! It’s student led conference time. Parents, people, children everywhere. We had a 3pm time slot for Levi James’ conference.  Jesse Ethan’s was at 7pm. Thank goodness for that….

I had Jesse whinging; “I don’t want to look after Joel!” Joel hollering; “I want to be with mum!” It was interesting trying to juggle this and have time with Levi. Accomplished and got to see what he gets up to at school, how much he has learnt since April (when he started) and then skip home to empty sand from pockets. The school has a giant sandpit, it’s great fun.

Back at 7pm and the nerves start jumping again. Little more serene this time and a little more time to hang about the classroom to spy on the colourful work that adorns the walls. The school is a very calming place at night, but I think I feel that about night time in general.

I am very grateful that my children get to a better school experience than I did.