Miranda Hart, Princess Of Wales, Naomi Watts, Andrej Pejic & Poop Thoughts

I get given magazines. All sorts of magazines adorned with overly pampered people often with scandalous natures, medicated heavily or wanting to be. I usually scan for pretty dresses, shoes or an actual article worth reading. Then I throw myself headlong into the easiest crossword, word-find, crozzel or brainteaser. However, the September 2013 issue of Australian Women’s Weekly (which is monthly by the way) was a little more emotionally scolding. Hold onto your big girl knickers, but I read some of the articles!!! 😉

Lady Deborah Holmes regarding her stages of grief and moving forward, the young royals with Babe George, Miranda taking the world on as a lark, the new Weekes twins (I didn’t know that the triplets lost in the Doha, were her only children!).

Sorry, had to leave for a bit. Our youngest announcing he had filled his pants and we needed a stool sample. Goodness knows what the doctors are testing him for this time. Aaaaargh that is better he is now settled in his bean bag watching The Penguins of Madagascar …. I am in my dressing gown, its 7.40am, school holidays and the big boys are at Builder boy’s folks farm – PHEW!

Now let me regress. Naomi Watts as Diana – me thinking – ‘do I need to see this? – seriously?’. I’m sure the film will satisfy some people’s inquiring nature. Jay Jay Fenny and the super model who is a man. Yes, well while the articles are all emotional, informative and funny, the latter I find just plain old common sense. I mean, of course a man is going to make an excellent female model! The man has no hips, a great triangular frame; he/she is like a walking clothes hanger. All I can fault with my overly analytical eye is the hint of the gawky, an over play of gesture – just a little – oh and his/her adam’s apple. I have in mind, there is a fine line when it comes to all, regarding make up – you can readily make any woman look like an over done drag queen.

Fully aware that Andrej Pejic is not new and this is not her/his coming out, (she/he did this sometime ago). I wonder how she is paving the way for other trans-genderites. I wonder, how many others are doing these subtle masquerades? Is it fooling our girls…again? Is it fair on us women? Or are they just doing a job? Perhaps we should we just look at them as the carrier of the clothes? But it’s a package deal, right?!

Oh well, I can tick poop sample off my to-do list today. I have a feeling the urine sample is going to be harder to collect from an un-potty trained, nappy wearing toddler! Grossness everywhere!!!!!  Hahahahahhaaaaa….grimace through a smile  :/

Happy Shopping!  🙂


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