A thought that has become valuable to me…

Let your Yes’ be strong and loyal and your No’s be respectful, without need of explanation or excuse. Yes, there is a bit of a theology in my neurons.

My feeling towards this thought? If we were honest to one another as to what we will or will not do, the possibility for being let down is almost nil. In this regard. Though one can’t be without consideration to other variables…

I am often asked by others, “What can I do to help?” I am sure at some point in our lives (I would like to think) that we are all asked this by a caring person, when we are in need. I have struggled with this question. I will refer to the above but also then think…And then ask the person offering “What are you good at?”, then answer with a smile “do those”. A greater chance of a better outcome might be likely.

Live well, live happy, happy shopping! 🙂

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Special thanks goes out to Jane Ford at SwimTech, Papamoa.  She has been wonderful at fitting our boys into the lessons that are right for our boys.  I am a proud and grateful mum on the side of the pool.