Not So Goddess Like

The School holidays were heaps of fun!  We found ourselves fishing out randomness from our thoughts that made us all giggle.

“Welcome to my kitchen sink, this is where I stop and think” – Goddess (movie we watched during the school holidays).

“Hello I have and itchy back, maybe its an anxiety attack!” –  (My version whilst getting out of the shower in the morning).

My boys sing as I am buckling them into their car seats (all 3) “Welcome to your destination, we going to our swimming station” – this was not in the movie Goddess either.   🙂  Off to swimming lessons we trundle!

🙂 Funny and clear to see that the movie has made an impression!

Twiggs (Tree Fu Tom, TV4, NZ) – ” I am scared of jelly”, “I don’t like the wobble!”  Wobble away my friends its not that scary.

Movies seemed to have played a big part in our holiday weeks.  Jesse even won a double pass to the movie “Planes” – massive fun!


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