Carrot Noodle Anyone?

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We have acquired a couple of new items for our kitchen of late. A food processor and a juicer. Having never played with or owned a food processor before, I found it to be fast sharp fun! Carrots, cabbage, onions and nuts all sliced, diced and mulched in a super instant – brilliant! Then whip it all into the dishwasher to tidy up. I think you get the idea,  I like machines!  🙂

Blow me away with a reaction from our sons that I did not expect…They looooovvvveeee carrot noodles, of both thicknesses! Such Fun! Not so much on the coleslaw – Boohoos Hoodoo.

Hubby comes home to a week’s worth of coleslaw, veges and choco balls in various containers filling our fridge.  Next item…bigger fridge – Maybe?!  Naaaa, just eat the food!  Hahahaha

Oh and the juicer. Fav recipe that the boys chug back – apple, carrot, lemon and ginger. With ice,(it must be chilled)…Fantastic!  I am totally a totally blown away mum sitting here!!

Not such a clever thing on my part though…Not locking part of the lid , tipping it upside down and having part of it smash on the tile floor. Yeap, wasn’t too impressed with myself and Joel Patrick stuck his tongue out at me as he thought I was grumping at him. I busted out laughing. Child looked at me as though, “that woman has gone loop do loop?!”

Carrot noodle anyone? 🙂


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