Not Like Dolls – We Dance in Unity

The first time I had a image published it was plastered all over the Bin Ads through out the Hamilton City Centre. This was during year 2 in my media degree.

I get excited everytime I see my images in the paper. It isn’t that often but…  Eeek  it’s too much fun!  This past year has had some very deep valleys and some very high peaks.  Grateful heart, wet face  🙂

This was a fun and rare opportunity for me to spend a much needed weekend with our middle son, Levi. After a long period of anxiousness about starting his first year of primary school, tummy aches and separation anxiety, we conquered it during this weekend together and have never looked back.

We both share the common interest of cars, trucks, candy floss and going at our own pace. Yes, we had considered “is he having a problem with gluten?” or other foods, to resolve the tummy issues. But alas, all that was needed was his mum. 🙂

Some of these cars have a deep fondness and memory for me in my childhood, e.g. 1948, Ford Bonus, Falcon GT, Mustangs, Mini Van…

Happy Memory Travelling…