Dress Code

After having a frank discussion with Builder Boy about how young men dress these days and a brief chat with our workplace/accident  adviser, I had a comical tutorial with with sons 1 & 2.

This included how low or not to wear ones pants. Clearly I am all for the waist band being above the anus!  It went something like this…

“Boys come to your mother?” ” 🙂  Do you think wearing your pants down this far is ideal and safe in a building work place like Dads?” (I have then pulled a pair of shorts down under the butt cheeks of son no.1, to demonstarte what I mean)  Jesse grins and delcares “no!”  ” I would need a longer bigger shirt to cover me so my bum wouldn’t get sun burnt”  I enquire further with; “Do you think a baggy shirt is safe around machinery?” to which son no. 2 giggles, “No way! Dad would get hurt or tangled in something”

Here endeth the sanguine tutorial  🙂

Be safe and reasonably sensible  🙂