King George VI – Of Britain

At this present time, I have been able to either watch (on telly) or read a few things in some sort of relaxed state.  Random quotes from these glimpses of entertainment then bounce out at me and brain cells ignite…I have most recently watched this detailed period movie – The Kings Speech.   Geffory Rush and his perfomance  made me still and quiet with contemplation with this…

“My job was to give them faith in their own voice, and let them know a friend was listening.”  Lionel was talking about how he had rehabilitated Soldiers returning from World War 1, when they came home shell shocked.

My mind reorganised this a bit differently and in a few ways…

“Have faith in your voice when a friend is listening”

“Have faith in your voice.  Do you have a friend to listen?”

“I have a voice.  I want to have faith in it, but a friend to listen, when I choose to have faith, may be hard to find!”

Not so easy to trust people, is it?

“Kelly – You are going to have to learn to trust people” – Ex Boss (MD, Bob Penn, Integra Telecomuncitions Resources), 2001 North Sydney.  I was his PA.  I adored that he took the time to know me.