Hello! My name is Kelly O’Hara (I am a genuine observant Froot Loop)

Sneezing, sore throat and don’t want to go to bed. So I digress;

What’s in a name? I am originally Kelly-Anne Trembath. No middle name, blessed as I am, with a double barrel first name… (do a little dance here)! Apparently, the original name I was to be given was Yvette. Dad intervened. He likes things a little more simple. Yay for Dad! (another little dance here)!

Often the name we are born with isn’t the name we are called day to day. Most of us have nicknames or have had our name shortened, extended and /or just plain modified. And most likely our parents (especially mothers) call us by our ‘proper’ name. I’m sure we have all ducked for cover, run for the hills or slipped out the back when hearing our first, middle and last names screeched in a pitch only a mother can deliver or will mean bad things are about to arrive?!

Our eldest is Jesse Ethan O’Hara – He gets, Jesse Bear, Gentlemans (what we hope he will grow to be) and often Smelly Pants- Hahahahahaha – How boys like to fart! Levi James O’Hara – middle child may on occasion answer to; Rigby (from Rigby & Mordaci), Kick Butowski (another cartoon) and Stinky – ;). Then there is Joel Patrick O’Hara – Joel Pat, Joel Splat, Splaty, and Pooy (he is still in nappies).

As you can see the prerequisite for being in our family is a sense of humour and, not taking yourself too seriously. We can all but try?! I will almost always take the mickey and call all of them by their first and middle names, husband included. The boys collectively are also known as The O’Boys or Team Gentlemans. Such Fun!

Then there are the meanings of these names. Oh and depending on where you look it’s contradictory and often random. Cultural seems to be more consistent mind you? – (ponder, tapping finger on chin)

Kelly-Anne is supposed to mean “A Spring Grace” Ha!! I think I am more of “an acquired taste!”

Anyhow, names can be fun and the intention in which they are all delivered or the context to which they are derived, is what we have to watch to make sure we are being respectful, I am sure. Still despite what your name or names are, the most encouragement is to be you. You will only be a second rate “someone” else. Be a first rate you.

Would love to hear what you have been called and why  🙂


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  1. Very well put together Kelly-Anne, yes I know you still and refer to you still by the name i was introduced to you as by your mother, so it is ‘proper’. I remember the first time (whilst in hospital after the birth of my first baby) being called Mrs. Trembath and looking around for my mother-in-law, I have got use to it now though as working in a school environment the children call me by this name on a daily basis. I also have no middle name and alas no double barreled first name either!! I figure I am just me and no middle name is who i am, I don’t try to be anyone else, though my siblings still shorten my one and only name, and yes I still answer to them (they are all older).

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