Jesse - Brave Boy. Did really well.

Dental Nurse Visit – Te Puke

I’m not sure what part of the world you live in or what the regulations are where you are. In New Zealand (if you have a low cavity rate) you and your children should have a dental visit once a year.  Children under 18 years are free and the governemnt will pay for your teeth to be fixed if they are damaged in an accident.  Work & Income (WINZ) will even give you an emergency dental grant (if you qualify on low income).  We are a pretty fortunate country!

When our boys went to visit the regional Dental Nurse just recently.  We learnt a few things:

  • Dental nurses pay used to be similar to that of teachers.  Teachers are now streets ahead.
  • A Dental Nurses yearly registration is $NZ650.
  • Dental Nurses are employed by the local DHB (District Health Board).  The DHB also administer hospitals.
  • Each Primary School used to have its own clinic.  These are disappearing and we often have to travel to the next town to find one.  In some remote areas there is a dental truck that will park at your school for a period of time.
  • Each child (over 5 years) will have x-rays when they visit this year.
  • Molars are now covered in a light resin as part of cavity prevention.
  • Dentist’s also have the highest rate of suicide   😦    😦

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Levi was the first to visit.  The dental team thought him so relaxed, they were concerned he was going to doze off. In contrast, Jesse was so unable to relax or control his tongue, that being bitten was a concern!!  Finally, Joel at 3 years, only had his teeth checked briefly and counted.  Always a huge relief to know that we are doing a good job in getting them clean and that my dental micro management is working!! – PHEW!

Floss – Brush – Rinse People! And if you must drink poisonous sugar fuelled fluids… use a straw so it misses the enamel completely.  This is all – hahahahah – for now   🙂





2 thoughts on “Dental Nurse Visit – Te Puke

  1. Hi Kelly,
    I always thought they were dentists? Are they dental nurses? BTW two other tips. Never brush your teeth straight after or before a meal or drink…wait at least half an hour before or after. Rinse your mouth with water after you’ve had something sweet or sour to neutralize the acid.
    Your boys did great!


    1. Hi, yes they are dental nurses… Great tips…. very good! You have great dental knowledge. . Wish more people did! – Kass Merry – Dental – Chairside Assistant 🙂


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