Hangry Girl – Lazy Cook!

It is no mystery I enjoy machines. My Food Processor or Kitchen Whizz (as our boarders call it) is certainly the star of the show at the mo!

Whizzing through two sizes of carrot noodles and carrot wheels, to make a more interesting coleslaw, along with two thicknesses of cabbage. I do it in bigish lots – just don’t add the sauce of choice until serving time. Otherwise mushiness is fast! My fav topping for such a salad? Chopped roasted almonds (pepper is a must) and a whoop of grated cheese…Yumo!  (on occasion garnishing with choped dried prunes or dates)  I know, nerdy right?!

The same vege mix can be used in casseroles! Also a great way to clean up anything that is almost looking at you sideways, in the fridge!  😉

My biggest discovery at the minute, is my Mexican casserole that is then transformed into nachos or quesada’s. LOVE IT and so doour boys. I ask them if they could identify and count how many veggies in the meal. Last time I made it…11 (if you count the guacamole). Yay! So filling, few dishes and I only have to cook every other night! Double bonus…

Tonight I am childfree. My lazy dinner, raw carrot, apple, boiled egg and for dessert, natural yogurt, honey and a brownie inspired by Elanas Pantry. I really enjoy her recipes as they are simple and mostly created using a machine  or two  🙂

I am very bad at drinking water….I really like vodka!  🙂