Spratts was born through conversations about being bored; having had our fill of navel gazing, and wanting to contribute.

Jen had done the research; where to source product. Our first business meeting was at McDonald’s (free Wi-Fi!!). An email account, Facebook page and bank accounts sorted. And we had a name. Goals set; money, a savings programme and where we wish to go mapped out.

Three months later our first shipment and we’re trading. Such fun!

Have since discovered we both have creative natures and like the idea of making, sewing and creating. So watch out for our own ideas, inventions or whatever else comes spilling out of our fertile brains.

Some of the things we often recite to each other; ‘slow down‘, ‘breathe‘, ‘save that one for later‘, ‘no money for that one yet.’

Looking to the future, we are pining away for cameras, over-lockers and the freedom to create. The fun licensed clothing is where we are at, at the moment, as we both have small fun ones who also enjoy these cartoon characters and, yes, we do feel we have the inside scoop!

That was then and this is now!

We have had a few developments at Spratts. All good. Jen has become really busy with study and her wonderful family. It is with great sadness that my partner in crime has left us.

Jen will make a wonderful Science/Maths Teacher I am certain. We wish her every success – a warning to those entering secondary school in the next few years.

I am Kelly O’Hara – my professional background is in office management, as a personal assistant, in human resources and the visual arts. My favourite quote of the moment; ‘Everyone is normal, until you get to know them’.

I am mother of Jesse 6, Levi 4 and Joel 14 months. Love fishing and surfing and have a builder husband in tow. – we won’t mention his age – he might get grumpy.

July 2012

littlefish@spratts.co.nz | 021 0236 5998 | Papamoa Beach New Zealand